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Land Alpha - Head of Tech Support
Land Alpha - Head of Tech Support

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PostSubject: More about AI   Sun May 15, 2011 7:53 am

Although when you see the name you think we're only themed on birds, however, here you can read the history of websites, what may happen in the future and what to look out for.!

Two years ago, through the inspiration of wolfhome and the totemlands, two best friends [chen and talon]planned idea's on a chat, however, they were down-sized a lot by other people, constant ''haha good-luck'' or ''they're too expensive. However, I pressed on and decided to start with some forums; Mystical Plains, well before mystical realms was created. After having some forums and some nice art, I fell out with my AA's fiancée, and gave up on the idea all together. Until 2011, Chen and I have decided to retry at this, with several idea's, Mystical Plains, Ibiza Islands and settled on Aviary Islands.

What makes us unique
The fact we're not based on wolfs. In fact, we're even deciding not allowing wolfs into the public chats, but that is still under agreement and I doubt users would want it to be all birds, but wolves may have to be customized with subs. We are also planning on unshaded poses being allowed. Chat names are hopefully going to be Army green[staff] and brown [users]

Our Guardians
Unlike any other site, AI will have TWO GUARDIANS! Chen, is our snowy owl of immortality. Joined with the opposite, Shadow our black cat of AI. As you may possibly guess; staff are the guardians aka no alt accounts or 'mysterious' users. Chen is well, Chen and Shadow is mine.

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More about AI
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