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 Clans! - read

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Land Alpha - Head of Tech Support
Land Alpha - Head of Tech Support

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PostSubject: Clans! - read   Sat May 14, 2011 6:17 am

AI is happy to introduce...

Alpha: Xyleusyl

Alpha: Talon

How does this work?
Each user applies for a clan, being in a clan allows you to roleplay freely in any rooms, and if you show a good commitment to your team, you'll be allowed as the beta of the clan which allows you the rank of an AA.! How awesome?

So an admin rank is in store?
Yes, so this also means, you have to do a test for it.
The test will be out of fifty, you must surpass thirty-five to pass.

The applications are general knowledges about your animal! Good luck Wink
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Clans! - read
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