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 Beautiful backgrounds for sale.

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PostSubject: Beautiful backgrounds for sale.    Mon May 16, 2011 6:29 am

The following background images are (C) Yowlumne

The backgrounds images were taken in Arkansas by my mother and me, I have permission to sell them. If you would like to buy one or more, please reply or PM with the number of the Image. All Deltas go to Yowlunme. If you feel a price is not right, please reply or PM me and I may knock down the price. If any of the backgrounds found stolen from any Chatland, It will result in an automatic ban from AI.

When any images bought you may:

1.Use with any Chatland.
2.Use multiple times.
3. Give away, but not sell to another user.
Note: Please inform me if given away to another user so I may add them to the permission list.

When any images bought you may not:

1. Sell to another user.
2. Claim it as yours.
3. Do heavy modifying of image.

Pictures by me:

Image #1 Price:1. 40 Deltas

Image #2 Price: 1.40 Deltas

Image #3 Price: 1.40 Deltas

Image #4 Price: 1.40 Deltas

Pictures by my mother:

Image #5 Price: 1.30 Deltas

Image #6 Price: 1.30 Deltas

Image #7 Price: 1.30 Deltas

Image #8 Price 1.30 Deltas

Permission List:

Xyleusyl- All backgrounds
Slum/Talon- All backgrounds
SevenSins- All backgrounds
Delirium- All backgrounds
Midnight- #4
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Beautiful backgrounds for sale.
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